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    Thomas Depole

    Hello, I'm a developer dealing with an app rejection. We have a section of our app that pays users if they decide to watch ads. They are paid in a digital currency that is matched to a USD value. Users can cash out to their bank account. The digital currency can be used for other activities in the app.

    They are rejecting it because we are rewarding user to watch Ads. We purposely don't force ads, it's just a way to get money to use the app if they don't want to put money in. Users have to navigate to that section to watch ads. From what I read on your article is that "simply rewarding users to watch ads" is allowed but we are getting rejected. 

    Do you know anywhere that it states that we can reward for watching ads or can you offer some advice? There is no real answer that I can find. I appreciate any advice you have!

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